School for Doctors "The Art of Hysteroscopy"

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Lviv / 2022-01-28

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Offline conference
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Cairo / 25.04 - 1.05.2022

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Cairo International Training Program
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Ivano-Frankivsk / March 17, 2022

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Hysteroscopy workshop

Organizers and founders of the School of Art Hysteroscopy

Kishakevich Irina
Kishakevich Irina


Professor of Ivano-Frankivsk National
medical university
Co-founder of the Ukrainian school for doctors
"The Art of Hysteroscopy"

Kotsabin Natalia
Kotsabin Natalia


President of the Ukrainian Hysteroscopic Association
Candidate of Medical Sciences, gynecologist
medical center of reproductive health DAMIA

School for Doctors "The Art of Hysteroscopy"

Is a minimally invasive precautionary method of endoscopic intervention possible? In recent decades, most European countries have virtually abandoned scraping the uterus, which is a painful and traumatic procedure.

2018 is the year of launching monthly workshops and international conferences to introduce minimally invasive hysteroscopy techniques into daily practice.

The mission of the vocational school is to increase the level of practical skills in accordance with international standards.

About us


Hysteroscopy is an innovative minimally invasive method of examination, which consists in a direct examination of the uterine cavity with a hysteroscope – a thin tube of the optical system. Depending on the indications, it is performed both without anesthesia and with the use of general anesthesia.

The optical system has expanded diagnostic and surgical possibilities in gynecology. Examination of the uterine cavity and cervical canal is performed gently, without injuring the tissue.

100-fold enlargement of the uterine cavity allows you to carefully collect tests and eliminate pathology. Office hysteroscopy is performed without anesthesia, and operative – under general anesthesia under sterile conditions.

Ukrainian Hysteroscopic Association

We sought to unite all specialists involved in hysteroscopy, to assist as much as possible in the acquisition of academic knowledge and practical skills by gynecologists throughout Ukraine, and thus created the Ukrainian Hysteroscopic Association.

School for Doctors «The Art of Hysteroscopy»
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